Game Designer
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Mary Georgescu is a 1st generation American-Romanian game designer, author, and artist. She founded Haiduc LLC, a game company that is medium agnostic, and runs a podcast called Children of the Storm to help others become game designers and share their stories. She is informed and inspired by the cross pollination of the arts and sciences in the sphere of indie comics, indie video games, as well as, the DIY and maker movements.


A Short Biography

The Artist

During her Bachelor of Fine Art at Long Island University from 2013 to 2015, she produced, curated, and installed multiple solo shows dealing with the subconscious and the twisted world of dreams and nightmares realized as ceramic vessels, sculptures, paintings, photographs and prints. In addition to being a member of the Honors Society, she was a ceramics teaching assistant for two years until graduation and attained a minor in Art History.

When the work leading up to her thesis show involved more fragmented statements, most of which were auto biographical narratives exploring the themes of depression, gas-lighting and a loss of self, she sought out a masters program that explored narrative in experimental ways.


The Author

At the School of Visual Arts, from 2015 to 2017, she was part of the 3rd class ever of a brand new Masters of Fine Arts in Visual Narrative, a program which allowed for experimentation as long as it served story at its core. Here she further developed her thoughts and skills and created works in print while working again as a lab assistant in both the Riso Lab and the Visible Futures Lab. Having both the access to a Risograph printer and the access to a fabrication or “maker space” allowed for mixed media works that became more complicated and delicate and playful.

The Game designer

The final transformation came with the thesis project Spice of Life, that was a narrative arcade cabinet in the shape of the main character you play as, Unit 25. The small cabinet came to life through the team effort of programmer Jack Zackowitz, musician Visager, and Mary’s animated pixel art and script, written as a branching narrative in twine.

And now Mary is at the wonderful NYU Game Center pursuing an MFA in Game Design scheduled to graduate Spring 2020.